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Wednesday, October 26th, 2016

Thanks for dropping in today! I have just loaded up the site with a lot of rare, no longer produced or very well aged classic pipe tobaccos including the out of production and not often seen Comptons of Galashiels in perfectly vacuum sealed condition. If you would like to place an order just read over and follow the easy ordering instructions below. Unless you specify that you want to pay by check, you will then receive a PayPal invoice within just a few hours of your order. 
Thanks again for dropping in!

Steve Fallon

To purchase, email me directly at Pipestud@aol.com and give me the letter/number code and the names of the tins or pipes that you want to purchase. (Example; SF1 - Balkan Sobranie 759).

* You will receive immediate email confirmation that your order has been received followed by a PayPal invoice within just a few hours. You may not get all of the tins you requested but that is only because other customers may have already purchased items that you wanted. I can also receive checks and money orders, so please let me know if you prefer to send payment that way when you place your order. I cannot accept credit card payments unless they are through PayPal.

* If you prefer to order by phone you can call (254) 744-9158. If I do not answer immediately just leave your call-back number when prompted.
* PLEASE have your final order ready when sending me your email to avoid my having to sift through a lot of emails to figure out your order.

*Minimum Orders are $20.00

* Orders of $200 or more gets you free shipping anywhere in the USA!

* Depending upon your location, shipping is between $7.00 - $8.00 USPS Priority Mail for all packages. I will gladly add insurance upon request and at the expense of the buyer.

* I ship by USPS Priority Mail only. Your order and payment is your agreement that I am not responsible for packages lost or damaged in the mail.

* I combine the shipping fee on multiple item orders to save you money.

* I do not put orders on hold for later payment.

* USA SHIPPING - I ship anywhere in the USA.

* INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING - I ship internationally ONLY on orders of $200 or more. If you live in another country please let me know of your location when you place your order and I will check shipping availability as I do have customers worldwide and am able to ship to many international locations.

* Once payment is received I usually ship the next business day via USPS Priority Mail ONLY.

* PLEASE NOTE - While all tins that are shipped leave my shop sealed, I can never guarantee the tins are not compromised. As most collector's know, even an almost microscopic hole somewhere in the tin or a seal that is not solid can occur. It is simply a possibility the buyer of full and sealed rare pipe tobacco tins must take into consideration when purchasing and I am not able to offer refunds should this occur. Thanks for your understanding.

SUBSCRIBE TO MY EMAIL NEWSLETTER LIST - If you would like to be added to my group email list for updates when I list new tins  here on my website and my eBay pipe auctions, just let me know by emailing me directly at Pipestud@aol.com and your email address will be added to the list. Below are three good reasons to subscribe -

1. You will receive notification of new tins listed just minutes after the new listings have been published

2. No more frustration at missing out on a prized pipe or tin that you want and an opportunity to get a first look at my eBay pipe offerings

3. My email newsletter subscribers receive occasional private special deals that are not available to the general public.

To visit Pipestud's latest blog: "
Pondering Theories" (posted on 10/8/16),  just follow this link -



What Others Say About Pipestud's eBay & Website Sales -

"I've found Steve Fallon to be sincere & trustworthy, a man of integrity who is able to present pipes and vintage tobaccos on my behalf that garner good prices." - Regis McCafferty, Co-Founder, North American Society of Pipe Collectors

 "Pipestud is one of the most knowledgeable pipe sellers in the world. I have used Steve Fallon as a source of reference for years, including in my book, 'In Search of Pipe Dreams." - Rick Newcombe, noted pipe book author

"I have consigned with Pipestud many times with superior results. He gets my highest recommendations!" - The late Bill Unger, former Editor of The Pipe Collector and Pipe Book Author

"Over the years, I have purchased pipes and tobacco from Pipestud and always placed my bids or made my orders with the highest level of confidence." - Rich Esserman, noted pipe and tobacco collector

"I inherited an extensive collection of pipes and tobacco but knew nothing about them.  I came across The Pipestud's site while trying to research the value of the collection and knew he was the answer to a prayer!  Steve is extremely knowledgeable about pipes and tobacco and helped me get top dollar.  He patiently answered my many questions and has always paid promptly.  It is an absolute pleasure to do business with The Pipestud!"  A Satisfied Consignor.

For information about my eBay pipe consignment auctions, simply click the link below -


And, if you would like to check out my current eBay offerings, simply follow this link to my eBay store: http://stores.ebay.com/PIPESTUDS-CONSIGNMENT-PIPE-SHOP

CONSIGNMENT TERMS: The process for using Pipestud's Consignment Shop to sell your full and sealed collectable pipe tobacco tins here on my private website, or pipes on my eBay site, is simple; send them to me and I will set the prices for tins on my website and on eBay all auctions are .2 cents to open, 7-days, no reserve. Once your items are sold, you get a sales statement and a check within two weeks from the time I receive payment from the buyer (less my 30% commission). If you are interested, simply email me directly at Pipestud@aol.com and we'll make you some money!

If you have any questions or would like to contact me to discuss the potential sale of your pipes on ebay or your collectable pipe tobacco tins here on my web site, simply contact me at Pipestud@aol.com. Or, by phone at (254) 744-9158. Let's make you some money!

Are you truly interested in the Pipe & Pipe Tobacco hobby?  If so, join me as a member of the North American Society of Pipe Collectors (NASPC), and receive that organization's six times a year Pipe Collector Newsletter.  Each issue runs between 30-40 pages. The subscription to the newsletter is a steal; just $21.00 a year. To subscribe, follow this link: www.naspc.org.

In closing, thank you for your time in reading the above and I hope that I will soon have you as a purchasing customer of my full and sealed collectable pipe tobacco tin offerings or as a consignment client... or, better yet, both!

Our Intellectual Property:

All images and text on this website are the property of Steve Fallon. You are welcome to republish or use these images or text so long as the use expressly acknowledges our ownership. Example: Photo courtesy of

Thanks for your consideration and we appreciate your courtesy!

Kindest regards,

Steve Fallon

* Buyers must be at least 21 years old.
The tins and/or packages have not been opened and the products within are not for consumption.
The seller verifies that all sales comply with all applicable laws and shipping regulations.
The value of the item is in the collectible packaging, not in the contents.
The value of the packaging is substantially greater than the current retail price of the contents contained in the package.

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