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It’s that time of year where I close the shop for a few weeks to recharge my tired old engine. I will re-open Pipestud’s Consignment Shop on Saturday, August 5th, 2017 and hope to get your business again at that time!



bargain-tinsIf you want great tobacco at a sizzlin’ savings, you’ve come to the right place!

VV – Cool Beans! – How about this; still in their original factory sealed pouches with factory sealed cellophane outer wraps are four 50g pouches of no longer produced blends, including one that I’ve never heard of that was manufactured in Kenya! Here’s what you get:

  • 50g pouch Brindley’s Mixture
  • 50g pouch of Sweet Nut (it even says Made in Kenya on the back of the pouch)
  • Skandinavik Regular
  • Amphora Malt Whiskey

This group of 4 pouches sells for $30 – SOLD

DT3 – I think somebody or two will get a real bargain here. Gray label (year 2000) and white label (year 2003 ) two ounce tins of the mysterious and no longer produced Pease Mephisto. As described on www.tobaccoreviews.com – “The devil’s Weed and the demon’s Rum conspire in this dark, long stoved mixture of Red and Golden Virginias, a pinch of fine Turkish leaf, and generous portions of Cyprian and Syrian Latakias. Finished with just a drop of Dark Jamaican Rum, then steamed and toasted to bring all the flavors together. Doubly wicked and sinfully delicious, Mephisto will surely lead you into temptation!” Both tins show hints of rust on the tin bottoms although I cannot see any bleed through. But, when I shake the tins the contents seem dry. So, this classic should rehydrate beautifully for those who like to put life back into old weed. I have 2 tins available for $20 per tin – SOLD OUT

TA2 – W.O. Larsen Limited Edition 2014 in handsome presentation tins. As described by www.tobaccoreviews.com – “This year W.O. Larsen offers a sophisticated blend of Virginia tobaccos and toasted burley. After a slow heating process Black Cavendish and Highland Whisky is added. A slight hint of orange is noticeable.” I have 3 tins available for $14 per tin

TA2 – This is Vauen’s Black Pepper in a 50g tin dated to 2014. According to the www.tobaccoreviews.com website – “The double-fermented Black Cavendish based on Virginia and Burley tobaccos delivers a uniquely smooth smoking experience with a distinct aroma of black pepper.” So, don’t smell the freshly opened tin or you might sneeze. Just 1 tin available for $12

BJ3 – Reiner Professional Wild Cut in a 100g presentation tin that is dated back to 2009. Those of you who are far more expert than I at smoking various tobacco types know that aromatics need to be “sipped” to be fully enjoyed. But frankly, I found this blend remained cool even when my puffing cadence increased considerably. The taste was somewhat like fermented fruit or perhaps a fruit flavored brandy. Quite elegant and I applaud the effort of the blender. It even burned to a mostly dry ash – another unique feature that I find in stronger aromatics with only natural flavoring. I have 1 tin available for $14 – SOLD

MG1 – Schurch #117 Smoking Mixture 50g tin that is undated but out of production. Hans Schurch was the owner/blender of these marvelous tobaccos in Switzerland, always hand blended and made in small batches. #117 was one of his masterful English creations with rich and smoky Cyprian Latakia, deeply aged Virginia and a dash of Perique. Just 1 tin available for $25

WW3 – Peterson’s University Flake in a 50g tin that is dated to 2012. As described on www.tobaccoreviews.com – “Originally manufactured in Ireland by Murray, and now manufactured in Denmark by Mac Baren. The tin description reads “An easy smoking blend of fine Virginias and Burley tobaccos, made the traditional way.” This almost 5-year old tin sells for $12

WW3 – This is a 1-pound factory sealed box with inner factory sealed commercial grade bag of Mac Baren Navy Flake that is approximately 2-3 years old. A traditional navy flake that is cool, semi-sweet, and will go slowly down the bowl, even if fully rubbed out. Mac Baren hit a home run with this one for me. It is a bit too strong to enjoy all day and night, but as a quiet respite from a long day, you will find this tasty blend to be the ticket for a nice long evening of enjoyment. The overriding factor of the blend is that it has more Burley than Virginia in the taste. This 1-pound box sells for the super bargain price of $65

TA2 – Mac Baren 7 Seas Series Regular Blend in a 3-1/2 ounce tin that is factory dated to 2013, giving the contents close to 4-years of ripening in the tin. As described on www.tobaccoreviews.com – “Black Cavendish and Golden Burleys. A soft and exceptionally mellow smoke. Delightful, aromatic taste.” This one has hints of cocoa and vanilla. Just 1 tin available for $15

TA2 – Mac Baren 7 Seas Series Royal Blend in a 3-1/2 ounce tin that is factory dated to 2013, giving the contents close to 4-years of ripening in the tin. As described on www.tobaccoreviews.com – “An aromatic blend of black and golden tobaccos. A soft and exceptionally mellow smoke. Delightful, aromatic taste.” Just 1 tin available for $15

TA2 – Mac Baren 7 Seas Series Red Blend in 3-1/2 ounce tins that are factory dated to 2012, giving the contents close to 5-years of ripening in the tin. As described on www.tobaccoreviews.com – “Golden Virginias, light brown Burleys and just a touch of Cavendish sweetened with real Cherry extract.” Just 2 tins available for $15 per tin

TA2 – Mac Baren Black Ambrosia from the Swish Import era in a 3-1/2 ounce tin that is factory dated to 2003, giving the contents close to 14-years of ripening in the tin. Upon opening the tin, you will have a hard time deciding whether to smoke it or eat it. The smell is wonderful. The casing is unusual in that you don’t really know what it is. It reminded me of berries, honey and nuts. Quality leaf all the way and burned very clean and dry right down to the bottom of the bowl, unusual for an aromatic with this much casing. And that’s testimony to the experience of this famous blending house. This almost 14-year old tin sells for $16 – SOLD

JS3 – First year 2015 Mac Baren production Capstan Yellow Mild Navy Flake factory sealed 5-pack of 50g tins. Specially processed Virginia Leaf that provides a sweet yet medium flavor.  This one has a very nice aroma while smoldering in the pipe! This 5-pack is available for the bargain price of $48 – SOLD

DM3 – Orlik production Dunhill Early Morning Pipe 50g tins that are not dated. As described by www.tobaccoreviews.com – “Sweet Oriental carefully blended with Bright and Red Virginias, pressed and lightly stoved. Great as the `first pipe` arousing the palate for the further pleasures of the day.” I have 2 tins available for $10 per tin – SOLD OUT

VV3 – The new John Cotton’s #1 and this is a 5-pack of 50g tins that are first year 2016 run. Blended by Russ Ouellette. John Cotton’s No. 1 is a light and refreshing English blend made of matured and bright Virginias, select, small-leaf Orientals and latakia. It’s ideal in the morning or as an all-day type of blend. The subtle interplay of the Orientals and latakia are supported by the mellow sweetness of the Virginias. The blend has been reconstructed through research and sampling of vintage tins, which triggered blender Russ Ouellette’s memories of having smoked the blend in the seventies. This 5-pack sells for $48

JS3 – This is a 50g tin of the Lane resurrected Crown Achievement. This is a powerful Latakia blend. The leaf is of exceptional quality and provides huge volumes of smoke. The Virginia and exotic Orientals add a depth to the blend no often found in tobaccos of this style. The Perique plays cat and mouse with the palate the entire time and that was a good thing. No date stamp on this tin but made within the past couple of years. It sells for $12

RB2 – This is Jess Chonowitsch’s T-13 in a 50g tin that is dated all the way back to 2003, and that may be the first year of production for this one. If not, that sure is close. As described by www.tobaccoreviews.com – “An extra mild blend of tobaccos from Kentucky, Virginia and Maryland, plus a special Danish Cavendish which is lightly topped with a sweet dressing.” I have just 1 tin available for $12 – SOLD

RB2 – This is Jess Chonowitsch’s T-15 in 50g tins that are dated all the way back to 2003, and that may be the first year of production for this one. If not, I know that I’m close. I really liked the combined elements of this light, but savory blend. You can taste just about everything in the blend, but if you are a latakia lover, this may be a bit thin for your blood. The Burley and Orientals are the stars of this one with support mostly from the Virginia elements and then the Latakia back drop. If you are an aromatic fan, this won’t excite you either. If, like me, you have a palate that accepts a variety of flavors (as long as tobacco is one of them), then I think you’ll like ole Jess’s T 15. I have 4 tins available for $12 per tin

VS3 – First year 2005 production 50g tins of Blakeney’s Best Latakia Flake. So, 12-years of age on the leaf within. These tins arrived with dents on the sides, but none are at all compromising. Still, a price reduction is in order. As described on www.tobaccoreviews.com – “A distinctive full English mixture in the grand tradition, rich with smoky Cyprian Latakia, fragrant with exotic Xanthi Yaka. Toasted for smoothness, then pressed in cakes to age and marry the flavors. Result: Exceptionally smooth, cool-smoking, full-flavored little Levantine flakes ready to rub out.” I have 1 of these well aged tins still available for $12

BJ3 – C&D’s Black Satin 2oz tin that is factory dated back to 2006, giving this one 11-years of aging. This one reminded me of many all Black Cavendish blends sauced with Vanilla (several Lane blends come to mind), but this one had a little better quality in the leaf. Just 1 tin available for $12

TA3 – Here’s another fabulous Limited Edition 100g Collector’s tin from Kohlhase & Kopp of Germany. It is called Year 2015 Liberté Égalité Fraternité (translation: Freedom & Equality for all). Made for sale only in France, the tin art is magnificent and is actually three dimensional.  There is no description of the factory bagged leaf within, but when I opened the tin top I detected a heavenly aromatic smell and it looks to me like the tobacco is a combination of Burley, Virginia and Black Cavendish. Just 1 tin available for $18

BJ3 – From back to 1997, this is Quintessence No. 1 in a 50g tin and Russell Import (Russell went out of business in 2002). As noted on the top label, “A super mild aromatic Black Cavendish bulk cured for several weeks. The mild and sweet vanilla aroma combined with outstanding tobacco grades gives you an unusual smoking experience.” This 20-year old tin sells for $12