Famous Drugstore Tins For Sale: Page 4

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GH4 – This is a really cool old still sealed key twist 16 oz tin of Arrowhead Mixture. It was made for the late Paul Spaniola’s famous Paul’s Pipe Shop in Flint, Michigan.Unfortunately, there is some rust on the bottom as well as a few dents and the sound when shaken tells me the contents are dried out. So, perhaps just a collector’s item or a rehydration project. This tin sells for $40

GH7 – Another of the all-time great American classics that is still going strong – these are still factory sealed with outer cellophane wrap thick plastic 14 oz tubs of  Carter Hall from 2002, giving the legendary contents within a striking 15-years of aging! This one is still being made today and Middleton’s is the blender. Carter Hall is a blend I smoked at least twice a day for awhile back in the mid 2000’s. It tastes like tobacco without fruity casing, and has some strength to it. The Burley is top-shelf and provides a no-nonsense tobacco taste that is bite free and I doubt that even Thomas the Tank Engine could puff this stuff up into the hot zone. It also has some kind of component that makes the ash adhere to the walls of your pipe, thus, I still smoke it to aid the caking process in new pipes. I have 3 of these 14 oz tubs available for $60 per tub

TA8 – From the early 1990’s comes this 12 oz tin of what was called “America’s #1 Pipe Tobacc” – Captain Black GOLD! Still produced today by Lane Limited, Cap. Black Gold is a golden Virginia/Burey Cavendish with the unique flavoring this blend is famous for. Just 1 tin available for $45

TA9 – From the early 1990’s, these are 7 oz tins of Borkum Riff Mixture with Bourbon Whiskey. As noted on the side of the tin – “35% Black Cavendish from Africa, Europe and the Philippines mixed with 65% Virginia from Brazil and Africa. And as a final treat, genuine Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey is added.” I have 6 tins available for $32 per tin

TA10 – From the 1970’s comes this 14 oz full and sealed tin of Kentucky Club’s “Blend of the Month.” I have no idea regarding the contents but back in those days, Kentucky Club would put together a new compilation each month to ship to its distributors. This 14 oz tin sells for $40

TA11 – Another one of the most famous tobaccos of all time, Sir Walter Raleigh in a 14 oz still factory sealed ring pull tin from the early 1990’s and the Lane Limited version that is still being made today A cube cut Burley with an all tobacco taste that was enhanced with an aromatic agent.  This tin sells for $45

TA12 – This is George Washington in a 14 oz lever top tin produced by R.J Reynolds in the 1960’s in solid still factory sealed condition. This is, of course, one of the most famous American blends of all-time as far as the artwork goes. A Burley forward blend with a touch of Virginia and a molasses flavoring added that lent a sensational aroma to the compilation at the match. Hey, it was good enough for our founding father, right? This tin does show a slight dent on the side and some external rust but none that are deep or bleed through the metal. This tin sells for $75

TA14 – The original American Tobacco Company production 14 oz heavy duty plastic humidor encased Half and Half Burley & Bright. Note that these are promotional 1970’s twist seal humidors that got you both the tobacco and the humidor. As noted on www.tobaccoreviews.com – “Half and Half is a timeless mix of loose cut Burley and Virginia tobaccos with flavorful notes of Cardamom, Coriander and Maze. Enjoy this smooth, easy-going smoke again and again.” I have 4 of these handsome and well preserved commercial grade heavy plastic barrel humidors and they sell for $65 apiece

TA17 – One of the all-time classic drugstore blends, Union Leader in a 12 oz still factory sealed twist top tin from the 1980’s or early to mid 1990’s. This is the American Tobacco Company version which was made prior to the House of Windsor taking over the blending in the  late 1990’s and it was used as both pipe and ROY cigarette tobacco. A mostly Burley with a little Virginia combination which is lightly topped with maple. The smoking experience is “all tobacco” with just a hint of sweetness from the topping. The flavor and nicotine punch is delightful and dizzying. If you enjoy top-shelf Burley mixed with some fine Virginia and processed in a unique and satisfying way, grab this tin of Union Leader and go to work on it! Just 1 tin available for $40

TA20 – From Sutliff, this is Private Stock No. 1, Bourbon and Bright in a 12 ounce lever top tin from (I am guessing), the 1970’s since many of the “drugstore” tins from this same seller are from that time period. This no longer made blend is described this way on www.tobaccoreviews.com – “Aromatic, cavendish cut tobaccos with a dash of spirits that adds an extra dimension to our smooth tasting tobaccos.” This 12 oz tin has a small dent on the side that you can see in the photo and sells for $40