RYO Tobacco Tins For Sale: Page 5

Something New in Pipestud’s Consignment Shop!

I am pleased to be able to offer my RYO brothers and sisters some sublime old stuff in order to taste the huge difference a little age can make when rolling your own with some famous tobaccos. Ogden’s of Liverpool, Bugler in an old Key Twist tin, the famous Players and the old McDonald’s Export from Canada, just to name a few. Like all the tins I sell, these are full and factory sealed and ready to please. 1970’s into the early 1990’s tins that contain leaf that will shock and amaze you once rolled up and lit! Dizzying and gratifying! If you see something below that you might like just follow the easy ordering instructions located on the menu and we’ll get you fixed right up!


RYO7 – Although not dated on the tin, the owner of this Macdonald’s British Consols has a spread sheet indicating 1992 as the year of purchase. It was made in Montreal, Canada and is 200 grams. Hey, I think the picture of the cute gal in the kilt makes this one worth the price alone! This 25-year old RYO tobacco in perfect factory sealed with tax stamp still intact condition sells for $35

RYO8 – Here’s another Canadian RYO tobacco – 200 g tins that are also dated back to 1992 from the same seller as above. It is called Matinee. A handsome pair of tins with tax stamp still intact.  I have 1 tin available for $35

RYO9 – This is the Danish made Long Full Flavor cigarette tobacco in a 150 g factory sealed tin from the early 1990’s. As noted on the side of the tin – “… consisting of the finest Virginia and Burley tobaccos – providing a full flavor cigarette taste.” Just 1 tin available for $30

RYO11 – Another wonderful find here – From the Pinkerton Tobacco Company in the 1980’s, these are still beautifully conditioned and perfectly factory sealed 1-1/2 oz tins of Velvet pipe and cigarette tobacco. As noted on the tins – “Made from the best sun-ripened Kentucky Burley tobacco aged to mellow perfection in nature’s slow but sure way. Burns cool and sweet in pipe or cigarette.” I have 4 of these marvelous old tins available for $20 per tin – SOLD OUT