How To Place Your Order


To purchase, email me directly at and give me the letter/number code and the names of the tins or pipes that you want to purchase. (Example; SF1 – Balkan Sobranie 759).

* PLEASE have your final order ready when sending me your email to avoid my having to sift through a lot of emails to figure out your order.

* You will receive immediate email confirmation that your order has been received followed by a PayPal invoice within just a few hours. You may not get all of the tins you requested but that is only because other customers may have already purchased items that you wanted. I can also receive checks and money orders, so please let me know if you prefer to send payment that way when you place your order. I cannot accept credit card payments unless they are through PayPal.

* If you prefer to order by phone you can call (254) 744-9158. If I do not answer immediately just leave your call-back number when prompted.

*Minimum Orders are $20.00

* Orders of $200 or more gets you free shipping USPS Priority Shipping anywhere in the USA!

* International orders of $200 or more gets you a $15.00 discount on your USPS Priority Mail shipping fee!