Pipe Tobacco Tins For Sale: Page 3

bargain-tinsIf you want great tobacco at a sizzlin’ savings, you’ve come to the right place!

ST3 – Factory dated to 2015, this is a now 2-year old 50g tin of The Seattle Pipe Club’s Seattle Evening. Description by by www.tobaccoreviews.com – “A beguiling blend of Latakia, Turkish Orientals and Red Virginias. Seattle Evening ~ sunset casts long shadows over the ferry boats of Puget Sound. A cup of good coffee and a fine pipe make this unhurried scene a memory. The Seattle Pipe Club was born here. Master Blender Joe Lankford created Seattle Evening to share our Northwest experience. Rich, smoky, spicy, luxurious. When the sun sets and the bowl is done, don’t despair. There will be another Seattle Evening tomorrow. Enjoy this original mixture: Cyprian Latakia, Turkish Orientals and choice Red Virginias. Crafting the most sought after small batch blends in America since 2007.” I have 1 tin available for $12

TA3 – From Stokkebye in Denmark, and date coded to 2011, comes this 3-Pack of 6-year old 50g tins of their Villiger 1888 line of blends. You get one tin each of the following nicely done tobaccos –

  • Early Day – Matured Golden Virginias, Orientals and Latakia. A smoky English blend to start your day.
  • Cocktail Hour – A unique hand-stripped, spun-cut tobacco consisting of flue cured Virginia with air cured Malawi Burley and flue cured wrapper leaf from Brazil.
  • Late Night – A classic mixture of Bright Virginia blended with fermented Black Cavendish and a misting of genuine Irish Whisky.

This trio gives you 150 grams of a variety of palate pleasing tastes for $35

BJ3 – Factory dated to 2015, these are 2-year old 2 oz tins of Cornell & Diehl’s Luigi Radice. This VaPer is detailed this way by www.tobaccoreviews.com – “Luigi Radice mixes full-bodied Virginias with a hint of Perique for balance. A “small-batch,” limited-production series released in April 2015 to honor several of the legendary pipe makers and this one honors Luigi Radice. I have 4 tins still available for $14 per tin

ST2 – This is the Mac Baren HH Latakia Flake that replaced the original HH Vintage Syrian Latakia in 2015 after Mac Baren’s stash of the no longer made Syrian leaf ran out. As detailed on www.tobaccoreviews.com – “This is a hot pressed flake tobacco, meaning that during the pressing steam is added to mature the tobacco further and to ensure a mellow smoking experience. A blend of bright Virginias, spicy Orient, a bit of burley, and a fair amount of Cyprus Latakia is the foundation of HH Latakia Flake. The taste is complex with the smoky note from Latakia in the front seat, the subtle sweetness from the Virginias working in the back, and the mellow spiciness from the Orientals popping up from time to time, creating an intimate interplay where all tobaccos play their role and contribute to this unique smoking experience. I have 2 tins available for $12 per tin

TA3 – From Stokkebye, this is Villiger 1888 Late Night in 50g tins that are factory dated to 2010 and 2011. From www.tobaccoreviews.com – “A sweet, satisfying blend of select Virginias and Black Cavendish flavored with Irish Whiskey to bring a pleasant end to the day. Villager is a Switzerland based cigar manufacturer specializing in Dominican leaf. They merged with Stokkebye back in 2010 and now produce pipe tobacco under the label Villiger 1888. I have 3 tins available for $10 per tin

VV3 – The new John Cotton’s Numbers 1 & 2 50g tins that are first year 2016 run. Blended by Russ Ouellette and described by www.tobaccoreviews.com – “This is a mild to medium-bodied blend of ripe Virginias, fragrant Orientals, spicy Turkish leaf and latakia. There’s enough latakia to let you know it’s there, but the marriage of the Cyprian leaf and the various Orientals produce an exotic flavor, and the Virginias add just the right amount of sweetness for beautiful balance. John Cotton’s Nos. 1 & 2 can be enjoyed anytime, and will never overwhelm the palate.” I have 4 of these almost 2-year old tins available for $12 per tin

ST3 – This is F&K Cigar Company’s uniquely named blend, Bat with a Hat in a 1-1/2 ounce tin that is dated to 2015. Described on the side panel of the tin as a sweet Burley, Virginia and Green River blend that “tastes like heaven and is crazy as hell.” Just 1 tin available for $10

TA3 – Mac Baren 7 Seas Series Red Blend in 3-1/2 ounce tins that are factory dated to 2012, giving the contents close to 5-years of ripening in the tin. As described on www.tobaccoreviews.com – “Golden Virginias, light brown Burleys and just a touch of Cavendish sweetened with real Cherry extract.” Just 2 tins available for $15 per tin

JS3 – This is a 50g tin of the Lane resurrected Crown Achievement. This is a powerful Latakia blend. The leaf is of exceptional quality and provides huge volumes of smoke. The Virginia and exotic Orientals add a depth to the blend no often found in tobaccos of this style. The Perique plays cat and mouse with the palate the entire time and that was a good thing. No date stamp on this tin but made within the past couple of years. It sells for $12