Pipestud’s eBay Consignment Info

Pipestud’s Consignment Shop Acceptance Policy for eBay

Please send only pipes that are –

  • In solid and clean condition with no cake build-up in the bowls and cleaned stems with no issues at all or extremely minor tooth marks or scratching. No pipes with burn marks, cracks in the bowls or stems. No pipes with replacement stems please.
  • I accept name brand pipes that you believe would bring a minimum of $50 per pipe on eBay. If you have questions regarding value please just ask me and I will give you my thoughts.
  • Before packing and shipping, please send me a list of the names of the pipes you want to send. If there are any changes made when shipping please be sure to let me know so that I will have an accurate list of your inventory to compare with what was sent.
  • I can also accept well-known brand pipe lighters and extraordinary pipe tampers. I can accept well known pipe and/or tobacco pouches or pipe bags that again, are well known names brands.
  • I am not able to accept books, magazines, pipe racks, pipe stands, humidors (pipe or cigar), cigar boxes, empty pipe tobacco tins, etc.
  • My commission per sale is a flat rate 30% and I use a portion of my commission to pay all eBay listing and final value fees as well as the PayPal fees
  • Once I list the pipes on eBay for their 7-day, no reserve and .2 cents to open auctions, it is understood that I will run the auctions to their conclusions and not end the auctions early.
  • Consignors understand that it is against eBay’s shill bidding policy to bid on their own items and that by sending me their pipes to sell, they agree that they will refrain from bidding on auctions that feature their own inventory.
  • I am very blessed to have many people who send me their fine pipes to sell on their behalf. Some weeks I have at least a dozen or more people that I am selling for. I am seldom able to list larger collections of more than 10-15 pipes per consignor per week. So, there is a good chance that your auctions may be spread out over several weeks to either accommodate as many consignors as possible, or, you sent a lot of pipes of the same brand and I may want to list only a few of those per week to keep the bidding from being diluted. You will be paid each week for the previous week’s sales until I have completed the dispersal of your inventory.

Thank you again for wanting to consign your pipes with me and I don’t take your trust lightly. It is greatly appreciated!