New Sorting Feature on!

You spoke and we listened! One of the most often heard complaints from my customers is the fact that after the first few minutes of frenzied buying when the weekly new listings are published, they often have to wade through a lot of pages to find still available tins. Well, thanks to our webmaster “Andrew the Great,” that is no longer an issue. In the sorting feature drop down located under the menu section at the left side of all pages on the site, we now have a new “Search by Availability” feature. By using that feature, you can now bypass all sold out items and go directly to still available items. Thanks Andrew!

Backorders Update
Due to the uniqueness of this website, once new listings are released, there will be literally hundreds of customers around the world who will be competing for items at the same time. Backorders occur when two people purchase an item and pay within less than 2-seconds of one another. Some weeks it does not happen at all and other weeks I get several. It will continue. And to be fair to everyone, the person whose order pops up first in the system is the one who gets the tobacco. A refund is then sent to the individual who did not get the item and that person’s refund email will have the backorder explanation. With the new sorting feature which should get customers to unsold items more quickly, backorders may occur even more frequently. It is an unknown at this point, but after today’s new listings I may get my answer. I hate backorders but they will continue and thank you for your understanding.